Dance with a Demon

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Dance with a Demon is a non linear, visceral journey of a Mother’s internal struggle with a debilitating disease. This struggle is brought to life in the vivid imagination of her daughter Alice, who is trying to make sense of her mother's absence. Her imagination takes us into a haunting fantasy world of metal and ash, and In this world, Alice watches her mother tell her journey through movement. This is a story of anguish and triumph, intricately woven through choreography. This is more than a metaphor, it’s a depiction of events that have rocked this families life. The drums crescendo as frenzied dance builds, and Alice must cling to every word her father has to say to learn the ultimate fate of her mother.


director's story


For many years I had known of depression without understFor many years I had known of depression without understanding it. It was something I thought people “could get” like a cold or headache. Friends would mentioned they felt depressed, or were getting depressed about something in their life, and little did I realize these tendencies run deeper and stretch farther than I could ever imagine. I was drawn to this story when I suddenly realized that I had been experiencing wild mood swings that would leave me debilitated for days on end. I had never considered that I might be depressed or could be experiencing symptoms. After all, depression only happens to unhealthy people or someone who is mentally ill... Statistics for North American will vary on answers, but somewhere between 8-14% of the population experience some form of mental illness, and show symptoms of that range from Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Posttramatic Stress, Obsessive Compulsion and varying degrees of Depression. All of which demoralize, debilitate, and dismantle lives. This is much more common than I had ever thought. And there are levels of severity which means it is common to experience mild symptoms and recover. Ok, treated the right way I could pull myself through and reclaim my life, but what about others? And then it hit home with a suicide that started with an Uncle. And then a friend...and another friend...a co-worker...and friend’s friend...and finally an attempted suicide by someone very dear to my heart. What is going on? How was I so blind to these people that needed help. What drove loved ones to do this? The monsters of Mental Illness and Depression are closely tied, and I wanted to understand more. But more importantly I wanted to open a conversation with others. Breakdown the walls and stigmas. Open up the hearts of people want to help and more importantly who need help. This story is the hard work of beautiful and talented people who saw a Demon and wanted to do something about it. This is the delicate dance we’ve woven ourselves, or seen in others. This is, Dance with a Demon. 

Thank you,

Mitch Bax





Heather Morris

Heather Elizabeth Morris is an American actress, dancer, singer and model. She is best known for her role as Brittany S. Pierce in the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

Bailey Skodje

Bailey Skodje is an actress, known for The Crossing (2018), If There Be Thorns (2015) and The Miracle Season (2018).



Marcus Rosner

Marcus Rosner is a Canadian actor born on the west coast of British Columbia but raised on the prairies of Sherwood Park, Alberta. He is currently based out of Vancouver but spends time throughout the year working in Toronto and Los Angeles as well. Some of his more notable roles include appearances in the TV Shows Arrow, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and When Calls the Heart to name just a few. Marcus is a busy working actor who continues to garner higher profile roles with each passing year.




Mitch Bax - Director

This is Mitch’s debut as a director for short narrative. He’s worked in the film industry for 10 years, focusing mostly in the camera department but has spent time directing and writing for music videos, commercials, and web series in a smaller capacity. Mitch normally works as a D.I.T on large scale productions, and has spent years working closely with the industries leading creative professionals on projects such as Deadpool, Star Trek, Power Rangers and Altered Carbon. He’s also a newly impassioned dancer, and subsequently started mixing his technical knowledge with the creatives of movement and dance. The combination of the two fields gave him the tools to tell a very personal story that’s affect many people in Mitch’s life.


Miles Forster - Producer

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Fiona Vroom - Producer

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